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Not many places on this earth has so much for being so little.  Surrounded by its European neighbors and wedged against the Alps, it is a perfect and isolated location that has been able to keep Switzerland from its neighbors for centuries.  Known for its financial institution, watches, chocolate, and Swiss Army knives, Switzerland also has some breathtaking landscapes to make you forget reality and enjoy some of the best nature has to offer.  Check it out....



Watches 'R' Us!


Where is the Rolex?


Lake Brienz




Want more cowbells!


Waterfalls are everywhere




Obsee and Lungern


Half moon rising over Lake Samen


Early morning fishing - Lake Brienz


Just so relaxing


Going up the Alps


Swiss chalet




Top of Europe


Ready for a rescue


Just a walk in the park


It's not cold is it?


Signs of global warming...???


Is this a train set?


So surreal....


No, really, that's a fake background, right?


More chalets...


Is that for real?


Layers behind the scene


Fall colors struck by the afternoon sun


Swiss colors


Swiss Air Force Hornets coming out of the infamous caverns at Meiringan


The annual trek to Axalps in October


Let's take a break!


If you're in the area, don't forget to stop by for a visit!


Wonder if they carry Swiss Army knives?